What is YOUR version of great customer service?

Returning calls and emails on the same day – sure, this is good customer service but at Westvic Strata we believe the customer service experience is so much more….

At Westvic Strata we focus strongly on delivering great personalised customer service.

So, what are examples of our version of customer service?

Family values

With WestVic Strata you are dealing directly with the owners of the business and Rob and Carolyn have built a business with a hands-on approach based on strong family and ethical standards centred on high integrity.

Visiting properties regularly

It is a great way to catch up with owners / committee members to see and discuss any common property issues firsthand. We like to develop strong relationships with owners and committees to allow us to gain an in depth understanding of the owners corporation requirements

24/7 emergency assistance

Emergencies can occur at any time day or night, Westvic Strata personally respond to all after hours emergency calls, we don’t engage a third-party call centre to manage remotely

Option to hold committee meetings and AGM’s onsite

Owners sometimes prefer face to face meetings onsite, we are more than happy to hold meetings onsite and outside of business hours if required, we can also provide a facility on site for remote owners to dial in via teleconference to join meetings

Listening and providing solutions to common owners corporation issues

With many years of experience managing a wide variety of owners corporations, we understand the common frustrating issues facing owners corporations and can hold those difficult conversations to arrive at a positive outcome for all. Quite often it is the simple things such as rubbish disposal or car parking issues, we can provide proven practical solutions to resolve many of these issues

Engaging with owners corporation contractors firsthand

Contractors such as gardeners, cleaners, and rubbish collection contractors. We are happy to deal with and instruct contractors directly to ensure they are aware of job requirements and to make sure the work is completed to a high standard and in a timely manner. We also pay contractors promptly (with chairperson approval where required) to foster good business relationships with contractors

Hold discussions with owners/property managers to resolve tenant issues/behaviour impacting common property

Every resident deserves the right to enjoy peace and quiet within their own unit. We engage with relevant parties to find quick and amicable solutions to any such issues


 At WestVic Strata you are dealing with the business directors – Rob and Carolyn Harris, put simply we have a vested interest in making sure our clients are happy and feel confident their investment is being well managed.

Your Property – Our Expertise!