Looking for an Owners Corporation Manager who can help you achieve real cost savings?

At WestVic Strata we are always looking for ways to achieve real savings for the Owners Corporations that we manage and with over ten years’ experience managing a wide variety of properties, we are experts in finding cost savings. One recent example…

Waste collection savings

Property size – 25 lot residential development in Ballarat with private road

Savings achieved – $10,000 annually

How savings were achieved – The property was not eligible for a Council waste collection service due to being located on a private road and the Owners Corporation was paying nearly $20,000 annually in private waste collection fees.

WestVic Strata took over the Owners Corporation management in April 2021, and after reviewing the current waste collection process, and the cost involved, we presented an alternative waste collection process to the committee to change the current process of each unit having their own wheelie bins collected outside each unit to having two larger bins located towards the front of the property in a fenced enclosure in the garden area with strategically placed plants to cover the fence panels.

The cost for the bulk bins to be serviced is $10,000 per annum – a substantial saving!

Additional indirect saving  – the change in waste collection process also means the waste collection truck is no longer driving and turning on the concrete driveway on a weekly basis, so the significant wear and tear on the driveway has been substantially reduced.